Long range antenna

Frequency: 868 MHz

Height: 40cm

Cable length: 5 metres

Wall mounting support

Reference: ANT REN SMA LR 868 1000-008

Antenna extension cable

Length: 10 metres

SMA (M) / SMA (F)

RG58 cable

Reference: RAL REN 10M SMA 1000-009

ATEX cable – connection to gas meter

Length: 100cm

Connector type: female

Binder interface – 6 wires

Reference: CAB ATEX 1M 1000-026

12V power supply

77 x 47,5 x 26,5mm

Usable with receivers (WMBus 169MHz range) , repeaters (WMBus 169MHz range) and energy transmitters

Reference: POWER 1000-002

DIN Rail support

Din rail mounting for receivers and repeaters

Reference: DIN RAIL 1000-005

Ethernet cable RJ45

Ethernet cable RJ45 for connection between receiver & PC and repeater & PC during the installation step

Cable length: 1.5m

Compatibility with LoRa range, in private mode

Reference: CAB RJ45 1000-030