iSMA-B-FCU, fully programmable controller, is built with the aim of controlling the FCU. The controller is factory-equipped with the two most popular open communication protocols ModbusASCII/RTU and BACnetMSTP, which are selected using DIP switches. To minimise time and simplify commisioning proces the controller is delivered with universal application, which supports the most popular types of FCU. Dedicated DIP-switch allows to adjust parameters of the application. Additionally, in the BACnet protocol, the application has the built-in function which allows automatically to bind Master and Slave controllers in the groups (20 groups on the bus, up to 6 devices in one group). In the case, if the application does not meet the project requirements, it can be modified or created from scratch. Changing of the application is possible in real-time by USB port or using simulator on PC in off-line mode. There are three hardware versions which have different types of Triac Outputs and power supply.

Key Features

  • Pre-loaded universal application
  • Support 2-pipe or 4-pipe system
  • Adjust application by dedicated DIP-switch
  • Addressing from 0 to 255 by DIP-switch
  • Sedona Framework 1.2 support
  • Programming in real-time
  • Bulit-in 18 Inputs/Outputs
  • Fast processor with ARM core
  • Modbus ASCII/RTU or BACnet MSTP
  • 2 x RJ12 for connecting wall panels, external devices communicating in Modbus
  • Built-in 24 V AC for an external equipment (version 230 V AC)


iSMA-B-LP is a wall panels with 2.3” LCD display and four function buttons. Additionally, the panel has the built-in temperature sensor and optionally the humidity and CO2 sensors. iSMA-B-LP is powered with 24 V AC/DC and has the built-in RS485 port (Modbus RTU/ASCII, BACnet MSTP). Use of open communication protocol allows to connect the panel with any controller supports Modbus RTU/ASCII or BACnet MSTP. Together with iSMA-B-FCU controller, the panel allows to change the basic parameters such as: temperature setpoint, fan speed, FCU mode and others. Thanks to built-in USB port, there is possibility to firmware update and panel configuration without the necessity of power supply. iSMA-B-LP has the modern design and is available in different colours (white is basic) on client request and also in two versions of button icons appearance.

Key Features

  • 2.3” LCD display with backlight
  • 4x function buttons
  • Built-in temperature, CO2 and humidity sensors
  • Wall mounting (standard electric box – 60 mm)
  • Changing of the basic parameters in connection with FCU controller
  • Modbus RTU/ASCII
  • BACnet MSTP
  • 2x RJ12 for fast connection to FCU controller
  • 7 main menu categories
  • Over 100 variables freely to use
  • Possibility to display time


iSMA-B-2D1B has been built in order to control light and a blind/shutter motor in a single space in the building. The device is dedicated to control two separate DALI light areas with up to 32 DALI ballasts. Built-in two Special Inputs and two Digital Inputs are dedicated to connect presence detectors and light switches. Dedicated DIP-switch allows to activate predefined inputs configuration. Out of box the device allows to control the DALI ballasts by a common light switch and a common presence detector without the need of programming, which makes iSMA-B-2D1B the unique plug& play type device dedicated to DALI network control. In addition, iSMA-B-2D1B has blind/shutter control function implemented, which allows to control a blind/shutter motor by a common double-switch. The controller is factory-equipped with the RS485 interface which is the physical layer for the most popular open communication protocol Modbus ASCII/RTU.

Key Features

  • Addressing from 0 to 255 by DIP-switch
  • 230 V AC power supply
  • Dedicated DIP-switch for inputs configuration
  • Fast processor with ARM core
  • Modbus ASCII/RTU or for connecting to higher level system over RS485
  • 2x DALI Interface: built-in power supply for up to 16 ballasts each
  • Special and Digital Inputs for present detectors and light and blind switches connection
  • 2x power supply outputs for ballasts (fuse protected)
  • 1x power supply output for blind motor (fuse protected)
  • Built-in 24 V DC for an external equipment


iSMA-B-SP is wall panel with a potentiometer and one function button. Additionally, the panel has the built-in temperature sensor. We design this device for those who are looking for a low-cost and simple solution and don’t want to pay for features they won’t use. Compact size and clear style/design is friendly to architects and building owners. This device is ready to use with iSMA-B-FCU controllers without a need of any configuration. In connection to them the panel allows to change the basic parameters such as: temperature setpoint or FCU controller working mode. The actual status of this last parameter is indicated by the built-in LED diode. In effect, these two devices create a cost-effective solution for comfort and energy saving.

Key Features

  • Built-in temperature sensor for its precise monitoring
  • 1x function push button e.g. for occupancy mode activation
  • Simple and easy-to-use setpoint adjustment method
  • Small size of housing
  • Universal visual design fits into many applications
  • Surface mounting (with or without the use of standard electric box – 60 mm)
  • Changing of the basic parameters in connection to FCU controllers without any additional configuration