Receive notifications and manage Niagara alarms from smartphones and tablets

Easy Notification App is the application by QuickLink Solutions that allows to view Niagara alarms notification from any smartphone/tablet and manage them through a simple, intuitive and customizable interface.

Thanks to the Notification Client module, the use of the Easy Notification App for alarm management can be integrated into JACE controllers and N4 Web Supervisors! All the components of the Notification Client module are integrated into the Niagara framework, allowing better efficiency in systems engineering and maintenance with a consequent reduction in costs.

Notification Client and Easy Notification App can be used in combination on all platforms that support the Niagara N4 Framework, such as JACE controllers or the N4 Web Supervisor and with all supported smartphones (Android 11 or higher; iOS 14 or higher)


  • Notifications on smartphone/tablet of alarms detected by Niagara.
  • View status of active alarms, alarm history and notes.
  • Management of alarm status through native device notification system.
  • Color code to indicate active, inactive, acknowledged and unacknowledge alarms.
  • Filtering and sorting of alarms based on customers, plants and dates.
  • Free search on the most important fields of alarms.
  • Simple, intuitive and customizable interface (colors and theme).
  • Multilingual support: English, Italian and soon German, Spanish and French.
  • Configuration of the associated devices thanks a unique token generated by the app.

The app is available for Android and iOS and you can download it from Google Play Store and App Store.

Download the APP for free via QR CODE.

For a correct running of the EasyNotification App, the Notification Client license must be activated.

If you have activated an EasyLink license with maintenance, the Notification Client license is already active for up to 3 devices without any additional cost.

Simplified connection between JACE and Supervisor

EasyTunnel is a tool integrated into Niagara framework that allows¬†connectivity between Niagara stations even in absence of a public and static IP address and without using external payment services (dynDNS / tzo) or APN, in case of mobile connectivity. EasyTunnel allows communication via fox protocol with a centralized server through a tunnel. It supports three types of connections: fox, http and a configurable service (normally used to manage the platform). Clients open the tunnel connection by contacting the server (which will have a static IP and the public “known”), and once the connection is established “permanent” between client and server, it is possible to communicate to and from the JACE in a bidirectional way, having only the address of the server, which will then be put in communication between the various peripheral units thanks to the open tunnels by the same.


  • Simplifies and accelerates the connection configuration.
  • Allows a controlled connections management and individually activation of the desired service/services (fox, http and platform).

Alarm and information management via Telegram

The Telegram Client module is the ideal solution for all partners who wish to integrate into Tridium JACE controllers and N4 Web Supervisor the possibility to use Telegram for alarm management and publication of any information handled in Niagara Framework.
Telegram is a popular social network, known all over the world, for instant messaging about status updates. The possible use is unlimited and any data in the system can be used to generate notifications and messages. For example, the Niagara station can send via Telegram daily updates on energy use, working time statistics of a certain equipment or any other information related to a status change, alarm or fault detection.
The module can be used on all platforms that support the Niagara N4 Framework, such as JACE/QHunter controllers or N4 Web Supervisor and is perfectly integrated into the Niagara Workbench. All components of the module, service, account, recipient, alarm acknowledger and updater are integrated into the framework; this allows a better efficiency in system engineering, maintenance and cost reduction.


  • Integration with standard Telegram API for all operations managed by the module.
  • Geo Localization support when sending messages.
  • Alarm management through a specific recipient to publish updated messages about the alarm status in a Telegram group.
  • Alarm recognition replying to the Telegram publication by a user of the authorized group.
  • Configuration of the Telegram accounts associated with Niagara users to manage the alarm recognition.
  • Generic component to publish information from N4 Framework into Telegram groups.
  • International management of messages by using lexicon standard feature.

Alarms and information management via twitter

The Twitter Client module is the ideal solution for all Tridium partners who wish to integrate into JACE controllers and Niagara Supervisor the ability to use Twitter for alarm management and publishing any information handled within the Niagara Framework. For example, it is possible to send daily updates related to energy use, statistics on operation hours of a specific equipment or any other notification concerning a change of status, alarm or fault message. It allows the alarm acknowledgment with a simple tweet. The module can be used under all platforms that support the Niagara Framework, such as the Web Supervisor or JACE and is perfectly integrated into Niagara Workbench. All components of the module, service, account, recipient, alarm acknowledger and updater are perfectly integrated in the framework: this allows a better efficiency in the systems and maintenance engineering, with lower cost results.


  • Integration with the Twitter API standard for all transactions handled by the module.
  • Service account management with support for integrated system called OAuth authorization.
  • Geo Location Support for sending messages.
  • Alarm management through a specific recipient for updating the state of the selected account and/or sending direct messages to the list of authorized accounts.
  • Management of alarm acknowledgment by reading the tweets of the account or to receive direct messages from authorized users.
  • Managing your Twitter accounts in the configuration information of the system users for the management of alarm acknowledgment.
  • Generic component for sending information from the data supported by Niagara Framework.
  • Tweets management support in ” append to timeline ” or “update in timeline” mode, depending on the type of the managed information.
  • Management internationality of messages using the lexicon module.

SoapClient is a software module integrated in Niagara Framework that allows you to perform queries, using SOAP protocol, to a third-party device equipped with WebServer and integrated with version 1.2 SOAP support. SoapClient allows to set points, alarms, histories and schedulers shared by a Soap server.
The module consists of a main component that can be added to the station; using this you can specify the WSDL content that describes the available SOAP services and the end-point to which sent requests. The component supports the selection of the SOAP service that you want to use, and the dynamic creation of the slots related to the input and output parameters of the SOAP service that are populated by the information when component execution occurs.


  • Generic Soap Operation as a simple component available in the station.
  • Suport for SOAP 1.2 with basic authentication.
  • Decode and online or offline WSDL definition in order to manage the available operations.
  • Possibility to interact with the standard control points in Niagara Framework.

This driver allows to share points, alarms, histories and schedulers through the SOAP 1.2 protocol.

Soap Extensions
It is possible to share points and schedulers with SOAP protocol through appropriate extensions.

Soap Messages
Messages (requests or replies) from software components that support SOAP:

  • CONTROL POINTS SUPPORT: there are 8 different SOAP services in order to get and set any control points available in the Niagara Station by specifying its id. Each control points can be export using the SOAP point extension where it could be possible to assign a unique point id.
  • ALARM SUPPORT: there are a few alarms SOAP services in order to get a list of all the available alarm classes, a list of all the available alarms for the specified alarm classes and the alarm details for a specific alarm UUID.
  • HISTORIES SUPPORT: there are few histories SOAP services in order to get a list of all the available histories in the station with the specific history id used to retrieve the history data collection in a specific time range.
  • SCHEDULES SUPPORT: there are a few schedules SOAP services in order to get and set the weekly schedule and special events for all the schedules types available in the Niagara Framework.
  • BQL QUERY SUPPORT: there is a SOAP service in order to resolve a BQL query result in the Station components.
  • EXTENSIVE API: in order to create your own SOAP services (require JAVA knowledge).