Receive notifications and manage Niagara alarms from smartphones and tablets

Easy Notification App is the application by QuickLink Solutions that allows to view Niagara alarms notification from any smartphone/tablet and manage them through a simple, intuitive and customizable interface.

Thanks to the Notification Client module, the use of the Easy Notification App for alarm management can be integrated into JACE controllers and N4 Web Supervisors! All the components of the Notification Client module are integrated into the Niagara framework, allowing better efficiency in systems engineering and maintenance with a consequent reduction in costs.

Notification Client and Easy Notification App can be used in combination on all platforms that support the Niagara N4 Framework, such as JACE controllers or the N4 Web Supervisor and with all supported smartphones (Android 11 or higher; iOS 14 or higher)


  • Notifications on smartphone/tablet of alarms detected by Niagara.
  • View status of active alarms, alarm history and notes.
  • Management of alarm status through native device notification system.
  • Color code to indicate active, inactive, acknowledged and unacknowledge alarms.
  • Filtering and sorting of alarms based on customers, plants and dates.
  • Free search on the most important fields of alarms.
  • Simple, intuitive and customizable interface (colors and theme).
  • Multilingual support: English, Italian and soon German, Spanish and French.
  • Configuration of the associated devices thanks a unique token generated by the app.

The app is available for Android and iOS and you can download it from Google Play Store and App Store.

Download the APP for free via QR CODE.

For a correct running of the EasyNotification App, the Notification Client license must be activated.

If you have activated an EasyLink license with maintenance, the Notification Client license is already active for up to 3 devices without any additional cost.