Project Description


Founded in 1977, Unicol is a leading company specializing in the production of industrial adhesives. The company offers advanced solutions for wood processing, textiles, and panel manufacturing. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, Unicol excels in enhancing and optimizing production processes, reaching the top of the market and exporting to 19 countries.


Unicol Adhesive Technologies


To integrate its facilities with software that could automate production processes. This integration needed to cover all machinery, enable production monitoring, improve inter-departmental communication, optimize production, and streamline processes.


We implemented a comprehensive solution suitable for monitoring and subsequently optimizing industrial plants. The EasyLink supervisor, which is natively built on the Niagara platform by Tridium, is a flexible and customizable supervision system that was integrated with Open Square, the company’s information and management backbone.


  • A single point of control for managing production queues.
  • Better management of production times and costs.
  • Comprehensive control over the entire production process.
  • Maximum integration of systems.
  • Real-time data flows.
  • Forecasting product time-to-market.