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EasyTunnel Server. Only for N4. The price includes SMA initial for the first year.

QL-APP-ET-SR-1-N4 1 connection included
QL-APP-ET-SR-5-N4 5 connections included
QL-APP-ET-SR-10-N4 10 connections included
QL-APP-ET-SR-20-N4 20 connections included
QL-APP-ET-SR-50-N4 50 connections included
QL-APP-ET-SR-100-N4 100 connections included


For licenses of different sizes and maintenance extensions, please request quotation by email at sales@qslol.com

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EasyTunnel is a tool integrated into Niagara framework that allows connectivity between Niagara stations even in absence of a public and static IP address and without using external payment services (dynDNS / tzo) or APN, in case of mobile connectivity. EasyTunnel allows communication via fox protocol with a centralized server through a tunnel. It supports three types of connections: fox, http and a configurable service (normally used to manage the platform). Clients open the tunnel connection by contacting the server (which will have a static IP and the public “known”), and once the connection is established “permanent” between client and server, it is possible to communicate to and from the JACE in a bidirectional way, having only the address of the server, which will then be put in communication between the various peripheral units thanks to the open tunnels by the same. Furthermore, EasyTunnel allows to monitor the consumption derived from mobile data traffic (gprs/umts) in two different ways: 1) by configuring schedulers to keep the connections active in prefixed days and times 2) by controlling the achievement of a customized traffic threshold.




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