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Telegram Client

Telegram Client for N4 – Support Alarms and Status Updates. Only for N4.

QL-APP-TELEGRAM-J-N4 For JACE. The price includes SMA initial for the first year.
QL-APP-TELEGRAM-WS-N4 For Supervisor. The price includes SMA initial for the first year.


For licenses of different sizes and maintenance extensions, please request quotation by email at sales@qslol.com

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The Telegram Client module is the ideal solution for all partners who wish to integrate into Tridium JACE controllers and N4 Web Supervisor the possibility to use Telegram for alarm management and publication of any information handled in Niagara Framework. Telegram is a popular social network, known all over the world, for instant messaging about status updates. The possible use is unlimited and any data in the system can be used to generate notifications and messages. For example, the Niagara station can send via Telegram daily updates on energy use, working time statistics of a certain equipment or any other information related to a status
change, alarm or fault detection. The module can be used on all platforms that support the Niagara N4 Framework, such as JACE/QHunter controllers or N4 Web Supervisor and is perfectly integrated into the Niagara Workbench. All components of the module, service, account, recipient, alarm acknowledger and updater are integrated into the framework; this allows a better efficiency in system engineering, maintenance and cost reduction.




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