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EasyLink Supervisor Base License. Only for N4. the price includes SMA initial for the first year.

QL-APP-EL-S01-N4 EasyLink Base License. Single site. 180 VRU included (*).
QL-APP-EL-S1000-N4 EasyLink Base License. 1000 VRU included (*).
QL-APP-EL-S5000-N4 EasyLink Base License. 5000 VRU included (*).
QL-APP-EL-S10000-N4 EasyLink Base License. 10000 VRU included (*).
QL-APP-EL-S25000-N4 EasyLink Base License. 25000 VRU included (*).
QL-APP-EL-S50000-N4 EasyLink Base License. 50000 VRU included (*).
QL-APP-EL-S100000-N4 EasyLink Base License. 100000 VRU included (*).
QL-APP-EL-S250000-N4 EasyLink Base License. 250000 VRU included (*).
QL-APP-EL-S500000-N4 EasyLink Base License. 500000 VRU included (*).


(*)VRU = Virtual Resource Unit (1 Site = 150 VRU, 1 device model = 3 VRU) – Pay attention: Supervisor license not included.

For licenses of different sizes and maintenance extensions, please request quotation by email at sales@qslol.com

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EasyLink is a Niagara Framework® integrated application for a simplified management and configuration of a multi-site and multi-customer supervision system. It resolves the issues of multi-site systems, offering a solution that allows to customize graphical interface elements, adapting them to your needs.

EasyLink, the multi-site and multi-customer supervisor, monitors and controls every type of system, reducing drastically start-up and configuration time.


  • Automatic and dynamic portal creation.
  • Automatic localization maps support.
  • Wheather services integration for the acquisition of historical and real time data.
  • Customizable graphic themes and login page foe each customer.
  • Simple alarm routing and navigation support.
  • Advanced HTML5 graphics, configurable through chart builder
  • Full screen presentation mode
  • Responsive graphic for mobile devices
  • EasyTunnel compliant. 




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